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More importantly - you're looking for a place free of stress or judgement.

You want to be empowered. You want to know exactly which foods will nourish your body and your baby's body best while still allowing yourself permission to eat a dang brownie when you want it. 

You want to stop tracking your food and start actually enjoying it.

You want to be confident in your choices and able to stand up for yourself in the face of opposition with a tribe of mamas who have your back.

You want to wake up in the morning knowing you have a community of mamas ready to answer your questions (and an expert, *ahem, bri* popping in to drop knowledge), commiserate about cravings, overcome breastfeeding problems and so much more.

You can have a healthy empowered pregnancy and the community to support you on your way.



It's one of the most exciting times in a woman's life - but it's also confusing, scary and isolating. 

Maybe you're the first of your friends and coworkers and neighbors to be starting a family (hey, i'm right there with ya!).

Maybe you're not knee-deep in female friendships and your guy friends - while well meaning I'm sure - just don't get it.

Maybe you're on the other side of the spectrum and you're beginning your journey to motherhood long after your friends.

Maybe you're looking to have a peaceful, mindful, nourishing pregnancy and the women around you are going-with-the flow and doing it the way society's been telling them to do it.

Maybe you don't know why - but you're craving a community where you can ask questions, feel inspired, engaged, challenged and uplifted during your pregnancy.


exclusive content. bonus education. challenges. video check-ins. support. love. community. 

100% judgement-free.


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