Little (and big) Things to be Grateful For


I think gratitude is overlooked once November comes and goes. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and we all do a fantastic job at it and then *POOF* it's time for the next holiday and our grateful spirit dwindles as Christmas lights are hung and advent begins. 

Especially as a mama, I find it incredibly helpful and empowering to take a minute each day and say or write down things I am grateful for. Each evening at dinner, we say our blessing (non-secular and totally awesome thanking the Earth for our food), and recount our favorite part of each day. Then I go around and say how grateful I am for each of their favorite parts of the day and how they handled any hardships or really anything that comes to mind.


Here are a few little (and big) things I am grateful for this year:

1. Watching the sun set over the ocean every night from my backyard. 

2. Nutritious and delicious food on my table every evening.

3. Children who like to help (even if they're not actually *helping* much. ha!)

4. A husband who holds acts of service as his love language.

5. Finally reading the dang love languages book and allowing myself to admit that I'm receiving gifts and physical touch (even if they may seem like the 'lesser' or more selfish of the languages. they're mine and i'm owning it)

6. My mom who came out for a visit and ended up practically packing up our entire house and moving all the boxes for our surprise move! *this is a big one

7. Every single person who visits this space or hangs out on Instagram or in my Facebook group. *that's you!

8. The amazing teachers I've had through grad school and yoga teacher training who've helped me see where my gifts lie and who've guided me to find the people I truly desire to help through coaching & yoga.

9. Dreaming big with my husband. BIG BIG.

10. The ability to serve within my community, online and off and the people who are willing and open and allow me to hold space for them. 

Brianna Towne