Start With You


There's nothing wrong with speeding through nutrition basics. It's the basis of everything I do; without a solid handle on nutrition it's incredibly difficult to change your approach to food. But alongside a heaping pile of nutrition 101, the first thing to do to repair your relationship with food is repair your relationship with yourself. 

The female body is an incredible powerful magical thing. We as women hold the power to give life to another human being. And then, we have the power to sustain that life with our bodies. But how many times has the thought crossed your mind 'I hate my body, I'm not ___ enough, she's more ___ than me.'? Our society is obsessed with the female body. We're obsessed with obsessing over it, we're obsessed with glorifying it while at the same time tearing it down. 


Enough is enough.

The female body is meant to be loved. All of it's pieces, big or small, strong or soft, loved. If we don't start with loving ourselves, we can't begin to repair our relationship with food. 

What's one way you can start loving yourself a little more today? #treatyoself to a mani/pedi? Go for a long walk? Toss any clothes that don't fit? I've got 3 of my best tips for you below!


3 Places to Start Repairing Your Body Image

1. Remember that your body is YOURS. Not your sisters, not your best friends, not your mamas. You were born with a unique set of biological characteristics and no one has the ability to change their DNA. Your legs are bowed, your shoulders are double jointed, your hair is red, your boobs are non-existent (oh, wait that's me!). Sure we can color our hair, get implants, exercise our butts off (literally), but the essential fabric of our biological makeup will not change. Own the body you were meant to have. For me, it's accepting the fact that I'll never be a professional ballerina because my legs are just not built to turn out. Maybe for you it's accepting your hips just where they are or your 6'1" stance, or your tight hamstrings. Stand naked in front of a full length mirror and take it all in. Notice your body, without judgement. Just see what a beautiful thing you carry around with you every single day. 

2. My friend Alex says "don't talk to my friend like that" when she's thinking or saying something self-deprecating. She is literally the queen of body positivity so when she says it, you know it works. Think of how you speak to your best friend when you're trying on clothes in adjacent dressing rooms. Use that kind of language when you're alone.

3. And while we're on the subject of dressing rooms ... Here's a handy secret for feeling AWESOME next time you're out shopping: Grab 4-6 pairs of the same jeans (or whatever you're trying on) in an array of sizes around what you think you are. Try them on, in no particular order (don't look at the size!), facing AWAY FROM THE MIRROR. If the jeans feel comfortable on your body - and ONLY if they feel comfortable - turn around and take a look. If they don't feel great, if you have to wiggle to button them, shimmy up your hips, can't do a squat, take them off. Don't even look, and try on the next pair. 

Brianna Towne