Travel & Negative Food Feelings


I just got back from a quick 36 hour trip to Kentucky and back and without any time to prep and pack healthy foods I ate whatever was offered to me and whatever I could find at the airports and hospital I was in.

Some of you know I follow a vegan diet *for the most part*. I'm flexible to the point where I'm not asking at restaurants if their roasted veggies are cooked in butter or oil but cook all vegan foods for myself at home and when I can, I get it when I'm out. But spending a few days in the mid-south (what is Kentucky considered anyway? South?), meant a significant lack of plant-based options.

I'm back home now and feeling sluggish, sick to my stomach, nauseous and my face is as greasy as the airport pizza I ate last night for dinner.

It's easy to beat myself up about my food choices - especially with how my body is now rebelling against all the grease, cheese and meat. But in the long run, it's easier to brush it off. Say 'oh well, I'll do better next time' or 'hey, it's just a few days. we're doing fine.' Because spending these days beating myself up, feeling guilty, anxious, stressed ... those feelings don't serve me.

Instead, I'm feeling grateful for the body I have and hopeful knowing I have the tools, health and strength of mind to make choices more in line with what my body craves and the means to get the foods I know I need to thrive.

I know travel is rough and things come up and that's why my motto is *for the most part*. Doing anything all-in or cutting anything cold turkey simply invites those low vibrating feelings of shame and anxiety and guilt.

What feelings are you having about a 'bad' food choice lately? How can you reframe that and reshape it in to something hopeful or grateful or even contentment?

You are NOT what you eat. You're how you choose to feel about how you eat.

In addition to the signature Get Rooted program, there's also a 3-hour intensive option if you need a little foundation or a specific fix. Especially wonderful for anyone who travels a lot and could use some tools for navigating healthy travel options and negative fast-food emotions. Ready?

Brianna Towne