Hey, I'm Bri Towne. I'm a mama of 3, yoga instructor, nutrition educator and I am in your corner. Let's get to the root of things.





I heard someone say once "to find your passion, find something that breaks your heart."

Well, girlfriend, watching women struggle with fears and stress and anxieties around pregnancy and food breaks my heart.

I know you. I was you. You just found out you're pregnant or starting to think about starting a family. You bought a few books, read a few blogs, talked to your OB and you're even more confused than you were before.

You're so confused about what you 'should' be doing with your health and your pregnancy that you end up having a yummy green power-packed smoothie for breakfast and crashing on cookies and brownies for desert.

I can throw all the facts at you (I know them ALL, trust me. That M.S. in Nutrition Education is turning me in to a human textbook) but knowing that you ' should' be eating 77g of protein each day is worth NOTHING if you don't know how to cultivate the energy, power, and confidence (not to mention all the yummiest healthiest proteins out there) to actually start reaching those numbers.

I've been there. Tracking all of my food in an app hoping for some kind of clarity on how on EARTH I could possibly nourish myself and this tiny human inside of me. For what? A little 'ding' on my phone when I hit my sugar allowance for the day?

I don't want to live like that. And I'm betting you don't either.

You want to be free.

You want to be empowered. You want to know exactly which foods will nourish your body and your baby's body best while still allowing yourself permission to eat a dang brownie when you want it. 

You want to stop tracking your food and start actually enjoying it.

You want to be confident in your choices and able to stand up for yourself in the face of opposition.

You want to wake up in the morning knowing exactly where you'll get your energy and go to sleep confident and comfortable in your choices throughout the day.

You can have a healthy empowered pregnancy. And I'm gonna help you get there.



you're ready to put a stop to the confusion and get clear on your health and your body's needs. let's do this.


i've felt so much more relaxed and in control ... small treats don't send me on a spiral, it's such a relief. I'm feeling great!

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